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Full Bursary Programme - £20,000 will change a boy’s life (Yrs 8-14): At founder Henry James Campbell’s behest, Campbell College opened its doors in 1894 with 12 Foundation Scholarships. We remain committed to this philosophy of enabling the education of talented young boys who would otherwise not have the opportunity by offering a full bursary at Year 8 entry, welcoming them to an environment that challenges and inspires.


Total target: £20,000.00

Make a Regular Contribution

Campbell College strives to keep its Campus at the forefront of education delivery, continuing the tradition of equipping future Old Campbellians to look out and up. If you would like to give back in support of the College's vision, as outlined below, and would like to do this by making a regular contribution to the College, your support is very welcome: "We believe every boy deserves the very best and we expect the very best from every boy."


Total target: £0.00