OC Society Business Lunch 2018

Over Eighty OCs Attended The Inaugural Business Lunch at The Ulster Reform Club on Friday 16 November.

The Old Campbellian Society held its Inaugural Business Lunch on Friday 16 November 2018 at The Ulster Reform Club in Belfast.

Over eighty OCs met in the Old Billiard Room and chatted over a drink before being welcomed to the Business Lunch by the Deputy Vice President Myles Nelson (7024). Myles then held a Q&A with Paddy Wallace (8489), former Ulster and Ireland, Grand Slam Winner, who enlightened and entertained the attendees.

It is planned that the event becomes an annual mid-November diary fixture and it is hoped to get a date for 2019 in the diary shortly.

The lunch provides an opportunity for groups of OCs to get together in a relaxed setting and chat about business et al and raises awareness of the College's 125th Anniversary, what the College and Society is up to.

Five editions of the historical thriller presented to the College by Paddy Hirsch (6993) " The Devil's Half Mile" were presented during the lunch.
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